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Three Steps of Geekersoft to download Youtube Video to MP3

Step 1: Fill in the Youtube music and video URL in the top box.

Open the Youtube music page that you want to download as MP3, copy the URL and paste it into the input box at the top of this page.

Step 2: Select the MP3 sound quality you want to convert or download.

After clicking "Download", select the music quality you need to convert or download in the drop-down list, and click "enter" to download.

Step 3: Save the downloaded file in mp3 format.

Enter the preview page, after the Youtube MP3 preview is loaded, click the menu at the bottom right, and select "Download" in the pop-up interface. That's done!

Why Choose GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 ?

YouTube to MP3 Free Converter/Downloader
With Geeekersoft YouTube MP3 converter/Downloader, you can download or convert MP3 from a range of websites including YT for free and quickly. The tool is completely free to use without any restrictions and does not require you to download any additional software or register an account.
Save Youtube Video to MP3(Audio)
Files with MP3 format has the characteristics of small file size and good sound quality, and it enjoys the status of the mainstream audio format for a long time. GeekerSoft YT to MP3 can well support the standard sound quality download of 32kbps-320kbps, which is enough to meet the YouTube MP3 Download needs of all kinds of users.
Support Direct Conversion and Download for All Devices
We provide cloud service, and all devices can be accessed and used normally. Whether it is a mobile phone, a computer or iPad, you can download Youtube to MP3 easily. We insist on providing the latest and most comprehensive service for convert and download Youtube video to MP3.
Support All Mainstream Websites to Download
On platforms such as YouTube.Xvideos,Youporn,and Facebook, you may often encounter that the MP3 you want to save cannot be downloaded, which will be thoroughly targeted here. Our GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 allows you to download/convert mp3 and audio from 1000+ sites including YouTube,TikTok,Facebook.
Safe and Clean Guarantee
There is no need to reserve any personal information to use our GeekerSoft ytmp3 converter, so that your user privacy is fully guaranteed. Also, the services we provide have no ads and plug-ins, which will make you more comfortable. If you need to save Youtube music as mp3 files , then don't hesitate any more.

FAQs About Free Download/Convert Youtube to MP3

What is Youtube MP3

The total number of monthly active users (MAU) of YouTube is 2 billion, and music occupies an absolute leading position in the total share of video. Almost everyone can find music they like on YouTube. For some particularly favorite music, I believe everyone has the urge to download it, which is why tools such as Youtube MP3 converter are very popular.

How to Download Youtube MP3

Many creators of music on YouTube have set download restrictions to avoid illegal distribution. If you need to download, you need to use a Youtube download or conversion tool. GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 is just such an online tool. Whether you are a chrome, Safari, Firefox or edge browser user, you only need to copy the music URL, and paste it into the search box at the top of the page to download and save the MP3 to your device.The whole process is completely free.

How Many Ways to Download Youtube to MP3?

There are three popular ways to download Youtube to MP3/mo3. The first is to download the original MP3 directly, and the second is to download the video and then convert it to MP3, while the last is to record MP3 while playing. GeekerSoft YouTube to mp3 supports the first and second way for users to choose. The third way will damage the sound quality of the music, so we do not provide it for the time being.

How does It Compare to Y2MATE, 4Kdownloader, vid TOMp3?

GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 provides free download of MP3 with various sound quality, while free users can only download MP3 with low quality sound quality on tools such as y2mate, 4Kdownloader, clipconverter and VID Tomp3. GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 supports more downloads from various websites than Y2mate, 4kdownloader and VID Tomp3. Generally speaking, GeekerSoft YouTube to MP3 is more suitable for users to download high quality MP3 for free.

We YouTube to Mp3 for Global Users

The number of users is increasing, and you deserve it!
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